Data is king


It never lies


And we use it to give our clients an advantage that is unmatched and unbeatable.


About Niche Collective

Niche Collective is a highly specialized digital marketing studio that partners with sales teams to double their volume by leveraging data science, performance marketing and lead management automation.

Our advantage is in what we call the Niche Collective, where we partner with 20+ clients in the exact same industry but in non-competing markets. The aggregate data and analytics we obtain from this strategy give our clients a competitive advantage that is unmatched.

We're currently working in 4 verticals:

  • Residential Mortgage (Loan Officers)

  • Telecom Sales

  • Medical Device Sales

  • Senior Care Sales

If you're a salesperson or run a sales team within these 4 verticals please schedule a call with us to learn more.

About Anthony

Our Founding Partner, Anthony Longo, has been a technology and digital marketing entrepreneur for the past 18 years. Beginning his career inside an elite engineering group at Sun Microsystems, he has since gone on to start 3 venture-backed companies, securing more than $20MM in funding.

In his most recent venture, Anthony founded Ground Signal, a location-based social analytics platform that has acquired and analyzed more than 1.3 billion social profiles. The company was fortunate enough to attract $10M+ in seed and Series A funding from celebrity investors and advisors including Gary Vaynerchuk (RSE Ventures), Mark Cuban, David Chang (PayPal Media COO), Nate Johnson (Realtor.com CMO), Michael Luca (Harvard Business School) and Semyon Dukach (TechStars Boston and the famed MIT Blackjack team).

Being a 3x startup Founder/CEO, Anthony prides himself with vast experience across the entire business stack, however, is most at home in an operating roll leveraging data to unlock new sales & marketing opportunities.


Prior to starting his first technology endeavor, Anthony had 2 sales jobs. First he was an Account Executive at Allegiance Telecom (ALGX), where he was consistently a Presidents Club top-5 producer nationally. After Allegiance, he joined Wells Fargo Home Mortgage where he was the number #1 loan officer in the country for new construction purchases. If there’s one thing that Anthony knows well, it’s putting big numbers on the board.

Anthony graduated from Syracuse University, majoring in Information Systems & Technology, is married to his lovely wife Courtney, loves human-facing technologies, traveling, paddle surfing, skiing, and motorcycles. He and his wife split time between downtown Boston and Newport, RI.