It's Official, We've Launched The All New Niche Collective!!

So, it’s official and we’ve formerly launched our mortgage product offering under the Niche Collective umbrella.

Niche Collective is a company I started about 4-years ago. It first began as a holding company for R&D projects and private angel investments that I was making personally. At the time I thought it was a cool name and I needed an LLC structure, so I formed it and have continued to work on interesting and fun personal projects under this umbrella, both as an angel investor and in various advisory and consulting roles.

This is how we used to describe the company:

Niche Collective is a boutique investment and early-stage startup consulting studio. 

We are primarily an investment vehicle, however, the company also provides consulting services to help startups with: product market fit, strategy, partnerships, sales planning, and Series A fundraising. 

Our portfolio includes: Ergo Kiwi, Chef Nightly, Rate Gravity, Yoshirt, BoatFlag, Island Design, Minimum, Inc., Starry, Ori Systems, Simply Interactive, Launch Sciences, and Feelter.

While Niche still holds many of those assets and all of its experience, we recently made the decision to leverage the brand in launching our new core business.

As of Today, Niche Collective is a specialized consulting operation solely focused on helping individual salespeople and sales teams scale and profit wildly through digital marketing. 

In short: We help salespeople crush their numbers by using Facebook ads and our secret sauce we call the Niche Collective.

Our advantage is in what we call the Niche Collective, where we partner with 50-100 clients in the exact same industry but in non-competing locales, so that we can leverage the data and analytics across our client base to arbitrage digital advertising signals, specifically Facebook ads.

The collective data and analytics we are able to compile and splice give our clients a competitive advantage that is unmatched. 

Today, we're we’re solely focused on working with mortgage sales teams and individual loan officers.

If you work in another industry or market we'd still love to hear from you as we plan our roadmap for niche vertical #2, #3 and beyond.  Thanks for reading.

Anthony Longo